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At long last we have our ever popular GT2000 golf trikes & GS2000 golf scooters back in stock. Shipping was a nightmare with this order & they were 2 months late.
All models have our famously reliable Samsung batteries which we also have as spares for anyone who needs a quality battery for their scooter or trike. Various colours available
.Demo models avaible to come & try or shipping can by arranged throughout NZ.

New stock arrivals

The wait is over & we finally have the new CTS600 in stock. Available in red & black with a host of improvements over the CTS350 this scooter is a winner & with a quality Samsung battery it will give you years of reliable service. We feel this is the best value for money travel scooter in NZ & carry airline legal batteries for sale or hire if you decide to travel overseas.
CTM HS-559

We are now also agents for the CTM range of mobility scooters & have decided to carry their very popular HS-559 in stock ready for delivery. We have been getting asked more for full sized mobility scooters & have chosen to work with a NZ supplier rather than import these ourselves.
Here’s the link to the CTM HS-559.

Two new exciting products

Things have been pretty busy here lately & I haven’t had time to do much promotion of products but here’s a couple of new exciting items you should know about.
We’ve designed a new custom battery shape which will fit 99% of frames out there & has been very popular lately. It comes in 52volt 15ahr, 48volt 15ahr & 36volt 20ahr. They are all exactly the same shape & dimensions so one size fits all. Perfect for the CYC Photon & all our Bafang motors.
For Extreme E Bike power we have the new CYC GEN4 X1 Pro.
This beast will produce up to 5000watts with the correct battery & up to 2000watts with our standard range of batteries.
We will be keeping a few of these in stock so if you want the ultimate power for your bike then this is it!

36volt 20ahr 720whr custom battery & bag.

CYC X1PRO GEN4 Motor only. 68-83mm

The Ultimate E bike?

We’ve been doing lots of interesting e bike conversions lately but I thought this one was worth sharing. It’s an XL Specialized S Works Enduro with a 2000watt CYC Stealth motor & custom made 52volt 15ahr battery. This is a big bike but only weighs 19kg all up & is an absolute rocket ship. It can be ridden slowly of course! Had an email from the customer yesterday saying how much he loves it. Total cost around $7k including bike. Where else can you get this performance, range & value for money.

New stock arrivals

GT2000 Golf trikes & GS2000 Golf scooters have finally arrived & we’ve been clearing back orders. These are always very popular & we have good stock of trikes but only three GS2000 two wheelers left. All our trikes & scooters have 2000 watt motors & quality Samsung batteries with lots of colours available. So if you’ve been thinking about improving your golf then give Rex a call 0211115400.

Venture GT2000 Golf Trike Samsung Battery

A few days away

We will be closed from Friday the 4th of August & back again on Tuesday the 15th. So any online orders done between these dates will not be sent out until the 16th. For any urgent enquires email & I’ll try & reply at night. Please don’t try to call as I won’t be answering the phone & we’re in a different time zone.       Keep safe.                                                                                           Thanks Rex



CYC Gen3 Stealth & X1 Pro motors now in stock

Yes the wait is over. We now have all the new CYC Gen3 motors in stock with more coming soon. X1 pro & Stealth are in stock & they were worth waiting for & with so many improvements over the previous models.                The Stealth can produce up to 2000watts with 150nm of torque & with the correct battery the X1pro can do 3500watts with 250nm of torque!

We have a demo bike with a Stealth fitted as well as the Photon of course which continues to sell really well. We’ve got lots of battery choices for these motors so now’s the time to build your dream e bike.


New Battery design & Photon update

It seems the world is learning about tbe CYC Photon. Since our last post the Photon has been selling very well & we’ve placed more orders to cope with demand. They are so popular that we’ve designed a new custom battery for the Photon & other motors up to 1200-1500watts. It’s a 52volt 15ahr pack made with Samsung 50e 21700 cells. Capacity is a nice 780whrs & it takes up very little room. It’s designed to fit small full suspension bikes or any bike that has limited room. These will be available soon in New Zealand only.

CYC GEN3 Stealth & X1 Pro back in stock today!👍😄👍😀

Meet the new CYC PHOTON

The new benchmark in the world of e bike motors. The new CYC Photon is a game changer in the e bike conversion industry & the e bike world in general.
It’s light, small & powerful, can fit 99% of bikes & with up to 1200watts of seamless power & a patented torque sensor system it’s a game changer.
I’ve been testing one of these for a few weeks & have done over 500kms of hard single track riding culminating in winning the Temiro Twister e bike class yesterday. It was a real thrill holding off the current NZ mountain biking champ for two of the three laps but in the end the slippery conditions & old age wore me down & three of the young ones who’s combined age is still younger than myself got me me by 20secs.
We are the agents for these motors in NZ & word is already spreading about the worldwide reviews. They are in stock now & selling well. We have demo bikes available to test. Once you’ve ridden one you’ll know what I mean.


We will be closed & away from Friday the 23rd until Monday the 9th of January. Please email us if you have any urgent enquires & I will reply when I can.
Thankyou for your support this year & have a great Christmas & New year break.
Thanks Rex & Jill

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