Venture E-Bike Conversion Kits and Tools

The Venture range of Bafang & CYC electric conversion kits are our most popular products.
We stock the full range of Bafang BBS & HD motors & are the NZ agents for the exciting CYC MOTOR Brand.

Bafang BBS MID DRIVE conversion kits have been around for a few years & have earned a reputation for being very reliable & tough when used correctly.
We offer 300, 500, 750 & 1000w motor kits along with seven different 36volt battery sizes & six 48 volt sizes to suit every rider. These options include a range of custom batteries we’ve designed that will fit into extra small frames spaces that a lot of modern bikes offer. We can also custom make one off batteries to fit special projects & give you options that no one else can.
The Bafang motors are a cadence sensor motor & are very quiet & suit most types of riding.
They can be used throttle only from a standstill which is very useful but riders need to know how to use them correctly.

CYC motors are a fairly new brand to the market of conversion kits & we are proud to be the NZ agents.
They are designed to fit a larger range of bikes than the Bafang motors & can run on voltages from 36volts to 72volts. They can produce great power if needed & can be fully tuned by you through their own app. At present CYC produce the X1 Pro & Stealth models with more exciting products on the way. You can find these in the CYC category on this website.
We like to keep things simple. As E bikes get more complicated they will break down! There is nothing surer & most people including the people that sold them won’t know how to fix them or have parts.
All of our motors only have a few moving parts & we can usually strip one down & have it repaired within an hour. They are easy to diagnose if you do happen to have a fault & if you live too far away to call in we will send you the required parts & assist you with fitting.

From the factory they go ok but they really come to life with our Venture Scooters motor programming. You need to realise that we reprogramme the controller in the motor which makes the difference. This is done with a computer & special software for the Bafang motors. It is not just changing the speed settings in the display. Performance & range are improved as well as putting less stress on the whole system. We have a wide range of battery options so we can taylor a package just for you & carry a wide range of spare parts to keep you moving.
We handle all warranty claims quickly ourselves so no having to send things back overseas to dubious companies that don’t care about after sales service.

If you already have a Bafang BBS motor & would like it reprogrammed we offer this as a separate service. Simply send us your controller or motor & we will reprogram it with our custom settings or tweak it slightly to suit your style of riding. Cost $100 including return freight for controller. Motor $120.

If our website says it’s in stock then it really is in stock ready to be shipped unlike a lot of others who have to order it from overseas.

We carry a range of good quality tools so you can do your own conversion with confidence & are expanding this range all the time. Please ask us what you need & don’t believe what you see on You Tube!

Venture Scooters offers a professional fitting service & we will try & fit a kit for you while you wait if possible.

Check out the range of brand new bikes with our kits fitted. These are an extremely cost effective way of getting an ebike & will out perform most other bikes on the market. They can all be built with different motor & battery combos so let us know what you’re after & we’ll give you a price on your own custom build.

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