Batteries and Chargers

Not everyone realises that the battery is probably the most important part of an E bike. Most companies exaggerate the range that their e bikes can do & many people are left disappointed & end up with range anxiety worrying about not getting home without running out of power.
At Venture Scooters we only use the best quality battery cells & the ranges we claim are real & tested everyday by thousands of customers in NZ.
All batteries are Lithium Ion & made with fresh Samsung 18650 35e or Samsung 21700 50e cells. These cells are the benchmark in the E bike world & let a motor produce up to 2000watts when built in moderate pack sizes.
Our CYC motors can produce more power with the correct battery pack so for extra high powered conversions we use the Samsung 21700 40t cell. These cells can deliver more constant amps per cell so are ideal for 2000- 5000watts.

We have a wide range of options available in our standard plastic cased batteries.
We are moving to a system where all batteries can fit the same mount regardless of voltage or capacity. All these mounts have four mounting slots so they can be mounted on most bikes without any modifications.

We are proud of our range of custom battery packs which are designed to fit in bikes where space is an issue. These are available in 36, 48 & 52volts as well as different capacities. They take up very little room for the range they offer & are a very popular choice. They are often the difference between being able to convert your bike or not.

We also offer a one off custom battery building service. If you need something bigger, a different voltage or different shape then we can get this made for you.
We import our own fresh Samsung cells & have an experienced battery building guy who makes these for us once we’ve designed the shape etc.
Most of these get put into special heavy duty leather bags which we get made locally. They can be fine tuned to work for any bike & gives us great flexibility with design & strap placement etc.

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