CYC Motors

CYC MOTORS are relatively new to the E bike conversion world & are proving very popular with their range of high performance, versatile motor options.
We are the New Zealand agents for CYC & carry motors, batteries & spare parts in stock as well as carrying out warranty work.
They are designed to fit a wider range of bikes than other brands & offer their own app so you can fine tune performance & see what’s happening in real time.
They can operate on 36-72volts & are a torque sensor system that also uses cadence as well as a throttle for extra fun.
There are different bottom bracket width choices as well as gearing, display & chainring options.
The all new 2023 X1 Pro Gen3 is the most powerful motor & can produce up to 5000watts with the correct controller & battery. That’s enough to destroy your bike pretty quickly so most X1 Pro Gen3 conversions are up to 3000watts. (Still heaps)
The Stealth Gen3 motor is smaller & can produce up to 2000watts. This is still tons of power for a humble bicycle. Of course both motors have multiple power settings & can be used normally to work like a regular e bike.
If you want 2000watts out these motors then we suggest using our 48volt or 52volt standard or custom batteries. If you want to build an X1 Pro with more power then contact us about different battery options.
The Photon is an all new model for 2023 & is the answer to most e bike DIYers prayers. In our opinion it’s a game changer & is set to shake up the e bike world. This will run on 36-52volts.
So now with a motor to suit everyone CYC is a real option for serious e bike builders.

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