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Dual Suspension E bikes everywhere

Things have been really busy here at Venture Scooters lately. We’ve been doing a lot of 750watt & 1000watt conversions lately as well as a good mix  of full suspension bikes. Pictured we have a Giant, Trek & Specialized that all came in at the same time. Two with 1000w motors & one 500watt. All these bikes have full front suspension clearance & happy owners.


E Bike Birthday

Had this Golden Motor brand bike come through our workshop recently. It’s got an old 1000w rear hub motor with inbuilt controller. I’m not a huge fan of hub motors but this went really well after having a birthday. Even has a cruise control function. It’s throttle only & good for around 50kmh.


Here’s an example of kiwi ingenuity. This bike started life as a humble beach cruiser. 18 months later & with one of our Venture conversion kits fitted this clever Kiwi has created his own ‘Hardly Dangerous’ custom bike.
There is another one in the pipeline with our 1000watt motor fitted.
At 37kg it needs a bit of oomph! Very Cool.

More great customer feedback

We get a lot of great feedback about our products and services everyday but I thought I’d share this one.


Another interesting project out of the Venture Scooters workshop this weekend. This Ice recumbent trike made a great conversion. With 20” wheels top speed is limited to 40kmh but that’s plenty when you’re only a few inches off the ground. It does neat donuts on our gravel driveway as well.

Great E Bike conversion

Been doing a lot of great E bike conversions lately at Venture Scooters. This one stands out though. It’s a full Carbon Fibre Trek SuperCaliber 29er with 12 speed rear cassette. It’s powered by our very popular 500watt 630whr conversion package & will climb any hill as low as 6kmh & max’s out at just under 50kmh. Weight just over 19kg. Awesome package.

New Customer feedback

Hi Rex,

Thought you might like to know how much we’re enjoying the bikes. We did about 10 rides in the Sth Island in Feb. The biggest was part of the Round the Mountains cycleway. We left the motorhome at Mavora lakes, & biked to Mt Nicholas Stn, lake Wakatipu. Over the infamous Von Hill, which climbs 1000ft in 1.5kms!!! & it’s rough shingle 4WD road, with some washed out bouldery riverbed fords.. We biked there & back, total 83kms. I still had 32% power, Stuart about 50%. No trouble recharging one at a time in the motorhome. We picked up the necessary bits to wire the converter unit directly to the house battery, much better than jumper leads.

Around home we are all hills, some pretty steep, so we’re biking each day, about an hour. I’ve done over 1000kms now.

Was good to have Ed & Nicky try our bikes, & convert theirs. We have other friends waiting for lockdown to finish so they can come & try ours. I think it might be a while before they/we, over 70’s can go far. At the Tekapo NZMCA camp, we created a lot of interest too. So the message is getting out, we pass on your contacts.


Margaret & Stuart


We’ve been doing a lot of e bike conversions at Venture Scooters lately.
This Kona got picked up today & is worth a mention. Had to turn the rear shock upside down to get battery in but ended up being a great e bike. Weight 21kg
This has got our 500watt 17.5ahr package which most people are getting over 100km range from & max speed of approx 45kmh. Conversion cost under 2k
Do the maths & you’ll see why we do so many.

17.5 kg E Bike conversion feedback

Hello Rex
Just given bike a test run. 32 k’s of tracks up to grade 3. Out for 90 minutes. Predominantly power on level 1 & 2 except for steep hills. Hill Road level 6 and 20 k per hour. Only used 20% of battery.
Very impressed indeed.
Regards, John Marten

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