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We’ve been really busy over the last year & have grown with new products, more staff & a lot more customers. We get a large amount of referrals from happy customers & if you are one of them then THANKYOU VERY MUCH. We really appreciate it.

WE WILL BE CLOSED FROM THURSDAY THE 5th of MAY & REOPEN TUESDAY THE 17th. You are welcome to place an online order but please be aware that it won’t be shipped until the 17th.
If you need to contact us urgently then email would be best.

Thanks Rex & Jill

12000km/3 year motor inspection

We started selling the Bafang BBSO1B & BBSO2B mid drive conversion kits about 3 years ago. We have well over 2000 units out there now & selling more every day.One of the first bikes converted was my own Seven titanium road bike. Besides checking the motor mounting nut after a couple of months it hasn’t been touched since & after 12000kms is still going like new. There’s no sign of any water getting into the controller & all bearings are still fine with no sign of wear. So I’ve added some more grease & some Moreys oil additive which is wonderful stuff & will check it again in another 10000kms. These motors are simple, powerful & relible. What more do you need in an e bike?


Do you want a bike that can go ANYWHERE? Tired of pushing your bike up that slippery slope? Well my friends Venture Scooters has the solution for you. Introducing the Christini AWD range of e bikes. Yes front & rear wheel drive bikes with a patented on demand all wheel drive system that will take you places you thought weren’t possible. This bike is the Christini Fat 5. Its hand made in America with 26” wheels with 5” wide tyres & powered by our Venture HD1000 watt 52volt 21ahr Bafang drive system. Climb a slippery hill at walking pace or speed down the road at 50kmh, this bike does it all. Weight 30kg which is light for a bike of this size. Perfect for hunting, sand, snow, mud or just as the ultimate go anywhere e bike. More info at




Lots of e bikes available!

Who said there aren’t any e bikes available? At Venture Scooters we have Around eighty e bikes available now!
At least ten different models available in sizes from extra small to large.
Step through e bikes
Trail/mountain e bikes
Full suspension e bikes
Two wheel drive e bikes
Second hand e bikes
Motor sizes from 300watts to 3000watts
Multiple battery options
Lightweight, fast, reliable & affordable $2500-$4000
We are very busy so haven’t had time to load a lot these yet so contact us with any questions & we’ll send you some info.
Thanks Rex 0211115400 

Exciting New Product. CYC MOTORS ARE HERE!

Yes it’s official. Venture Scooters is now the New Zealand agent for the CYC MOTOR e bike conversion systems. It’s taken a while to get everything in order but we now have these in stock & ready for you to turn your bike into a real e bike.
The CYC X1 Pro MOTOR can operate anywhere from 36volts to 72volts & can produce 3000 WATTS PLUS with the correct battery. They are a torque sensor motor & have a very natural feel & power delivery. Of course they can be used sensibly at normal power levels & are very efficient with battery consumption. Venture scooters carries all spare parts & we offer a custom battery building service so you can create your dream machine e bike.



NZ made custom E Bike Batteries

At Venture Scooters we are doing E bike conversions everyday & are getting all sorts of different bikes coming through. Not all bikes will accept a standard conversion battery though so we have developed our own NZ made special packs which will fit all those awkward frame spaces & with no wasted space we can fit a larger capacity battery into a smaller space. These are built with quality Samsung or Sanyo cells & will last for years.


HI Rex,

    Just a quick note to say extra big thank you for getting this kit to me, The smile has not left my face. Very pleased to have the power when our group headed into a very strong cold southerly with ice in the mix, to get our next over night stay. The unit has performed with no trouble. The other e-bike owners had there eyes opened at the way the unit  handled the steep climbs, and the amount of battery remaining at the end of the days ride. 

Kind Regards,




It’s been really busy for us at Venture Scooters as usual lately with scooters, e bikes & conversions going out every day. We did this 750watt conversion yesterday for a gentleman who works in the wee hours of the morning picking up Lime scooters. It was fascinating learning what they do. The official title for this profession is a Lime Juicer.
Heard back today that any hill is no longer a problem so we have a very happy juicer out there!

CTS700. Travel Scooter with real power!

We have been getting asked for a folding travel scooter that can climb hills better & it’s been on the back burner till now. Well here it is.

THE CTS700. We’ve added an extra motor & controller to the CTS350 which transforms the way they perform. Hills are no longer an issue especially for heavier riders & they offer more confidence for everyone. This is something we do in house at Venture Scooters & is not a factory scooter. We will  make these to order so will take a few days. We will have a demo unit available to test.

The scooter pictured has also had an extra battery fitted to the bag on the front as well as front & rear baskets & walking stick holders.


1000watt & 750watt Conversion kits back in stock

We are selling more & more of the BBSO2B 750watt & HD1000 1000watt conversion kits. So we’re ordering more all the time. We also carry an extensive range of parts for the HD1000 including controllers & motor cores etc for those older motors out there. These are all back in stock so if you want a serious e bike conversion then get in before this order runs out.


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