Things have been pretty busy here lately & I haven’t had time to do much promotion of products but here’s a couple of new exciting items you should know about.
We’ve designed a new custom battery shape which will fit 99% of frames out there & has been very popular lately. It comes in 52volt 15ahr, 48volt 15ahr & 36volt 20ahr. They are all exactly the same shape & dimensions so one size fits all. Perfect for the CYC Photon & all our Bafang motors.
For Extreme E Bike power we have the new CYC GEN4 X1 Pro.
This beast will produce up to 5000watts with the correct battery & up to 2000watts with our standard range of batteries.
We will be keeping a few of these in stock so if you want the ultimate power for your bike then this is it!

36volt 20ahr 720whr custom battery & bag.

CYC X1PRO GEN4 Motor only. 68-83mm