Venture 60volt 20ahr battery


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Venture battery for Harley style Fat tyre scooters.
These batteries fit all the fat tyre scooters that have a removable battery under the seat.
They are custom made in China for us & are a genuine 20ahr battery, not 16-17 like all the other so called 20ahr batteries.
We also get a better quality 60amp BMS unit fitted which is twice the capacity of the standard batteries & won’t fail like the smaller units do.
These are the same batteries that we supply in the GS2000 & GT2000 golf scooters.
Typical range 30-40km on the road at 35kmh or two rounds of golf. Please don’t believe the exaggerated ranges that other scooter sellers claim.
12 month warranty (conditions apply)
Yes you can buy cheaper batteries out there but these cost us more to get made & have been very reliable for us over the last two years.


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