Golf Scooters and Trikes

At Venture Scooters we like to keep things simple which is why we only offer two different Golf Products.
The GS2000 is our 2 wheel golf scooter & is our model of choice after trying a few different types. It has a 2000watt rear hub motor, easy to remove batteries, rear suspension that actually works, balloon tyres & no gimmicks to break down on you.
We also carry our Venture Scooter rack so you can transport your scooter without a fuss. It’s designed to fit a hitch type towbar system with the 2” square receiver or we can supply an adapter plate so the rack can be used on a conventional towbar.
The GT2000 is our three wheel golf trike. It’s also got a 2000watt motor & easy to remove batteries. There’s a rear hand brake & reverse to get you out of trouble. They will climb a hill better than the GS2000 due to a geared down motor & diff.
They are very stable for a trike & are almost guaranteed to improve your handicap!
The only difference with the pricing for these products is in the type of battery & whether you want one or two batteries. The battery is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of these scooters & trikes. We pay extra to get our batteries made differently. For a start all our batteries are a genuine 60volt 20ahr capacity. If you don’t specify this & pay extra to the factories then they will send a lower capacity battery of around 16-17ahrs no matter what the sticker on the outside says.
This means our batteries will go further & be less stressed than the others.
Another big thing is the BMS or battery management system. The standard Chinese units are usually 30amps & aren’t up to the constant stopping & starting that golfing provides. We get these upgraded to 60amps & this has proven to be very reliable with no failures since we’ve been doing this.
All our batteries have these features

The main choice you need to make is whether to get the Chinese cell battery or the Japanese cell Samsung battery.
The Samsung batteries are more expensive & should last more years. It’s hard to give a time frame but these should last several years if looked after before they loose too much range. A Samsung battery can be repaired in NZ by various battery experts if needed. These have become our most popular option.

The Chinese cell battery has been very reliable & is proving to last well so far. It won’t last as long as the Samsung though & most battery technicians won’t want to deal with a Chinese cell battery. We’ve been using our upgraded version of these since mid 2019 with no problems so far.

The last choice is whether you want one or two batteries. A single battery is the most popular & will do two rounds per charge if needed. We recommend charging it after each round though to get the most life out of it.
Two batteries will give twice the range or up to five rounds if needed. We recommend running them both together which is less stress on each battery & we make a special charging port so that both batteries can be charged at the same time. This is a popular option for people who want to ride their scooter to the course or don’t have access to easy charging.

All of our golf bag holders are made of steel & won’t break. Each model has its own holder & they are available to buy separately

We also carry a custom heavy duty cover for the GT2000 trike if you can’t keep it under cover all the time.

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