52volt 20ahr custom battery & bag.


The ultimate battery for those awkward shaped frames


Do you have a bike with an awkward shaped frame or just lack of space? Well we have the answer! No more having to mount the battery on a carrier on under the down tube.
Now you can get a large capacity quality battery into a small space & convert those bikes that were in the too hard basket.
We have an exclusive range of custom batteries all made from Samsung 21700 50e cells. These cells offer the best capacity for their size in the e bike world & enable us to make genuine long range batteries in a small space.

This is a 52volt 20ahr 1040whr battery, charger & custom bag.
Perfect for our CYC motors & will give up to 180km range on the low power settings.
All our bags are made locally from heavy duty leather & the straps can be adapted to suit different bikes
12 month warranty


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