Good Evening Rex,
                                              I have now clocked up 35km with no problems on my ‘ VENTURE E-Bike kit fitted to my 2009  Haro mountain bike. I believe it out performs the eleven or so factory built E bikes that are currently riding around Geraldine. It is truly a hill climber and very rider friendly.
                                               The kit is of a very high quality and I had basically fitted it and had it up and running on the bike in a couple of hours. Making the cables all secure/tidy, the display panel fixed in place and the controls secured in their final positions took another couple of hours.
                                              All in all its a kit that anyone who is used to maintaining their own bike should have no trouble fitting.
                                               Before the kit had arrived I watched  Rev-Becca’ on Youtube. She gives an excellent step by step visual fitting this kit to a bike…..           ’Installing a Bafang mid-mount motor’….. is the search heading.
                                               As you can see from the pictures I had to fit the battery in front of the forward frame. To relieve the weight of the battery hanging on the battery carrier I have temporarily put a velco strap around the battery and frame. I will design something a bit more professional in the future.
                                              Roll on Summer I look forward to many  rides on the trails, keeping up (and more than likely passing) mountain bikers half my age.
                                              Thank you Rex for your great service and making available this E-bike kit.
                                                               Ross Marfell
                                                ps. feel free to use all of the above photos and text on your blog if you wish