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Did an electric bike conversion on a custom made tandem yesterday for a great couple. Fitted 2 x batteries with a total of 37.5ahrs or 1350whrs capacity. That’s enough juice to get them well over 200km range at 30kmh. It’s fun to do these different projects & see the excitement in peoples faces when they come back from their first test ride.
This particular tandem was a perfect base for an Ebike conversion.
Check out the before, during & after pictures

Customer feedback

We recently sent a couple of these bikes down to Christchurch & got this email from Murray last night.

Had the first big off road ride today. Wow these bikes can climb! And descend and do the bits in the middle. So light and nimble. The dropper seat is the cream on top.
Climbed the steepest track that haven’t had any chance of being able to ride before.
Purchased a stem with about 30 mm lift to bring the bars up a bit for me ( 5 spinal fusions so not flexible anymore!).
Rex you have a great product here.
Thanks again

I like the low weight distribution and super quiet motor too.


This is one of many e bike conversions being done here at Venture Scooters 

These Giant dual suspension bikes make a great base for a conversion. A lot of people say they can’t be done but with a bit of engineering & know how you get up to a 500w motor, big batteries with genuine range, unlimited speed & this little beauty comes in at 20kg.

All this for just over $2000 including installation.

More Feedback

Sold one of these HARO Double Peak Comps last week to a customer I’d never met & we discussed his needs over the phone. Here is an email I received from him this evening.
It’s really rewarding to get this sort of feedback from another happy customer

Hi Rex, firstly thanks for your absolute honesty in answering all of my questions prior to purchasing your ebike. Your fitting of the Bafang conversion kit is truly professional, and the bike even at full speed as you said is noiseless, your setup of the controllable perameters to suit my desired performance is spot on, and yes I can stay up on the hills with the elite road cyclist I coach, however he can outpace me on the flats when he really puts the hammer down. The gearing is excellent for both flats and hills, and the bikes comfort and handling is smooth. Rex I’m so pleased I did my research because I believe I found the best value for money ebike on the market, yeah your bikes tick all the boxes and slot in at a lot less than the factory built ebikes. Cheers Wayne


               Good Evening Rex,
                                              I have now clocked up 35km with no problems on my ‘ VENTURE E-Bike kit fitted to my 2009  Haro mountain bike. I believe it out performs the eleven or so factory built E bikes that are currently riding around Geraldine. It is truly a hill climber and very rider friendly.
                                               The kit is of a very high quality and I had basically fitted it and had it up and running on the bike in a couple of hours. Making the cables all secure/tidy, the display panel fixed in place and the controls secured in their final positions took another couple of hours.
                                              All in all its a kit that anyone who is used to maintaining their own bike should have no trouble fitting.
                                               Before the kit had arrived I watched  Rev-Becca’ on Youtube. She gives an excellent step by step visual fitting this kit to a bike…..           ’Installing a Bafang mid-mount motor’….. is the search heading.
                                               As you can see from the pictures I had to fit the battery in front of the forward frame. To relieve the weight of the battery hanging on the battery carrier I have temporarily put a velco strap around the battery and frame. I will design something a bit more professional in the future.
                                              Roll on Summer I look forward to many  rides on the trails, keeping up (and more than likely passing) mountain bikers half my age.
                                              Thank you Rex for your great service and making available this E-bike kit.
                                                               Ross Marfell
                                                ps. feel free to use all of the above photos and text on your blog if you wish



3 x Venture golf scooters in action on the same hole.
Most people using these are telling us that their golf has improved due to less fatigue & they are having lots of fun.
Still have some stock available with a new model coming in a couple of months.


We are about to order a couple of these for lucky customers
Does anyone want to get one? About 2 months away & different colours available. Approx $2200 depending on spec
Will be ordering in next couple of days.

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